Commercial Property

Being established in Birmingham for well over 100 years and Solihull for more than 35 years, Blackhams are experienced in dealing with commercial property matters for all types of property, whether freehold or leasehold, including offices, retail premises, warehouses, factories and industrial units.

How We Work

Whatever type of transaction you are contemplating you will need detailed, specialist advice.

Based in Birmingham City Centre and Solihull, we are able to offer our services not only to those in the local area but also to businesses and individuals across England and Wales.

All transactions in which we are instructed are dealt with by a qualified solicitor and that solicitor will maintain a direct relationship with you and be available to answer your enquiries promptly whether by telephone, by email, by letter or in person.

No one can guarantee that unexpected or unforeseen issues will not arise in any particular transaction but our aim is always to consider potential difficulties with you at the outset and resolve them at an early stage in order to save you time, expense and disappointment.

Our Vision, Our Mission

At Blackhams Solicitors we are able to advise our clients on the complex laws relating to commercial land transactions whether buying or selling property or entering into leases.

Service Areas

We advise a broad range of private individuals and businesses in dealing with
  • Sales & purchases of commercial property

    Sales and purchases of commercial property, both freehold and leasehold, either for investment purposes or owner occupation.

  • Sales and purchases of undeveloped land

    If you own land that you wish to sell to a developer, neighbour or other buyer it is important that you have the right advice at the beginning. We provide the expertise and knowledge to guide you through this process. Amongst other matters to consider are:

    • Your buyer’s profile – is your buyer going to be a builder or developer looking for land to add to a project or a potential new project?
    • How much is your land worth? Determining a value will involve many factors not least of which will be the intended use which is a major factor.

    Land sales will typically take longer than selling a house as the factors above and many more must be considered.

    If you are interested in purchasing land, then it is important to identify the land and obtain legal advice at the beginning to ascertain if the land to be purchased is subject to any covenants. We have the expertise and knowledge to assist you through this process.

  • Leases of commercial premises for either landlord or tenant

    If you are a landlord, then we can assist with the following: –
    • Preparation of a new lease
    • Renewal of an existing lease
    • Assignment of an existing lease
    • Advising on tenant issues
    • Terminating a lease

    If you are a tenant, then we can assist with the following: –
    • Advising you on a new lease
    • Renewal of an existing lease
    • Assignment of an existing lease
    • Terminating your lease

  • Mortgages & re-mortgages of commercial premises

    Many businesses have capital tied up in their property and often wish to refinance this asset to release funds for the business.

    If you wish to raise capital on your commercial property or re-mortgage your property, then we can help.

  • Buying or selling at auction

    If you have a commercial unit or property to sell at auction we can offer the following: –
    • Preparation of an auction pack ready for the auction
    • Dealing with all enquiries relating to the property and the auction pack
    • Completion of the transaction if the auction is successful

    If you are thinking of buying a property at auction, we can offer the following: –
    • Making enquiries about the property prior to auction
    • Advising you on the contents of the auction pack, the property and the legal process
    • Proceeding to purchase the property if successful at auction

  • Option agreements

    An option agreement is a contract relating to a specific piece of land that allows the buyer the exclusive right to purchase the land. Once a buyer has an option to buy the land, the seller cannot sell the land to anyone else.

    If you are the purchaser wishing to take out an option agreement we can help with: –
    • Preparation and negotiating of an option agreement
    • Exercising the option agreement at the end of the contracted term

    If you are the owner of the land, we offer the following:
    • Advising you in regard to the option agreement
    • Completing the sale of the land in question at the end of the contracted term

  • Other Matters

    Other matters arising in respect of commercial leases, for example licences to assign or to alter or for a change of use and deeds of variation of leases.

    We can also advise on other matters arising in respect of

    • Commercial leases, for example licences to assign or to alter
    • Change of use
    • Deed of variation of a lease
    • Covenants
    • Rights of Way and Easements

Commercial Team

Associate Solicitor, Commercial Property Department

Peter Smart

Safiyah Ali
Solicitor - Head of Commercial Conveyancing

Safiyah Ali

Associate Solicitor, Commercial Property Department

Peter Smart

Peter is an experienced property and private client lawyer.

He is an associate with the firm and was admitted as a solicitor in 1987 when he joined Bradley & Cuthbertson, staying on when that firm merged with Blackhams in 2003.

Peter deals with a wide range of commercial and investment properties acting for landlords, tenants, owner-occupiers occupiers, handling sales, purchases and leases of business premises.

He also specialises in residential conveyancing with a particular emphasis on leasehold enfranchisement and extending leases of flats/maisonettes.

Solicitor - Head of Commercial Conveyancing

Safiyah Ali

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