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At Blackhams Solicitors, we are sensitive to your needs. We will work with you, allowing you to make informed decisions at every stage of your case regarding family law.

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We offer practical and expert advice in jargon-free terms so that you can understand your options and plan for the future.

We can assist you through what can often be a stressful and confusing time, especially when there are children involved.

At Blackhams our approach is designed to provide the best possible results on a relationship breakdown, including financial matters and division of property and assets.

We offer professional, realistic advice and representation in the most constructive and cost-effective way.

All of the below services are tailored to meet your needs to ensure you receive independent, expert legal advice with the overriding aim of achieving the desired results.

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Service Areas

  • Civil Partnership & Same Sex Marriages

    The Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Act of 2013 places same sex marriages on exactly the same legal footing as those of heterosexual couples. This means that the rights and obligations of a married same sex couple are identical as those of a married opposite sex couple.

    The 2013 Act also enables civil partners to convert their partnership into a marriage if they wish.

  • Divorce For Same Sex Spouses

    Same sex spouses whose relationship has irretrievably broken down can seek a divorce through the court using the same process and under the same legislation as married couples of the opposite sex. The only difference is that instead of using one of the five facts to prove the irretrievable breakdown, there are only four. Adultery cannot be used for a same sex couple as, in law, adultery specifically relates to sexual intercourse between a man and a woman.

  • Civil Partnerships

    In 2005, The Civil Partnership Act came into effect allowing couples of the same sex to legally register their partnership giving them the same rights and responsibilities of a married couple.

    Before entering into a Civil Partnership both parties need to ensure that they have considered carefully what their plans are for the future.

    All of this can be agreed beforehand and can form part of an agreement very similar to a pre-marital or prenuptial agreement. A pre-civil partnership agreement can help protect family heirlooms, major assets and business interests, and whilst this is not currently legally binding, a well drafted agreement may hold weight and assist a court to understand the parties intentions for specific assets.

    In the event that a civil partnership breaks down irretrievably, you must get permission from the court to legally dissolve the partnership. The court can grant you either a separation order or a dissolution order.

  • Separation & Dissolution Orders

    If a partnership has lasted 12 months or less, a separation order is used. A dissolution order is only available after the first 12 months of the civil partnership and is similar to a divorce of a married couple. Once you have been granted a separation order it means that you cannot legally enter into another civil partnership until you get a dissolution order.

    Our family law team will advise on these and other related matters which may be a cause for concern. It is, therefore, preferable that you take legal advice prior to leaving the property or deciding upon the division of any assets.

    With years of experience, Blackhams are experts in the field of family law and pride themselves on providing the highest professional standards, combined with impartial advice, and understanding.

  • Cohabitation Agreements

    Some individuals are under the preconceived notion that common law marriage exists – it does not. You are either married, civil partners or cohabiting.

    Common Law marriage is a creature of fiction – it does not exist in the real world.

    If you live with your partner, purchase a property together or have children, the law does not offer automatic protection as it does with married or civil partner couples. The mere fact of living together gives neither party any rights against the other, though the particular history of the relationship may do so, not always in the way that the parties expect!

    This can inevitably leave one party exposed and at a disadvantage. For example, claims could be brought against the other party who has a property in their sole name in which the parties have been living. Complications can arise as to what one party has promised the other during the course of the relationship.

    If you are thinking about living together, it is important to be clear from the very outset what your rights are, and what you want to happen if the relationship breaks down or if one of you dies.

    As a means of protection, you may want to consider entering into a ‘cohabitation agreement’ (also known as a ‘living together agreement’), which would set out in clear terms the financial and domestic arrangements between the parties thereby avoiding confusion and bitterness should you later separate.

    If you have already entered into a cohabitation agreement and your relationship breaks down, you should seek immediate advice from our family law team without delay if you encounter problems in implementing the terms of the agreement. We may need to consider enforcement methods with you as a last resort if your partner reneges upon the agreement.

  • Divorce & Children

    Following a break-up, issues relating to children can become difficult and the source of disagreement.

    Following a break-up, issues relating to children can become difficult and the source of disagreement. In cases involving children, parents and other family members are encouraged to regard the welfare of the children as the first and paramount consideration.

    We aim to keep the needs of children at the forefront of our client’s mind when advising in this sensitive area. It is our view, that you are the best judge of your children’s best interests, but we appreciate that the arrangements for children can become somewhat difficult to resolve on separation.

    Our family law team will help you to avoid parental conflicts that evolve on separation and advise you about mediation as an alternative to the court process. We can assist and advise you about practical, legal and financial arrangements for the children, and how their time can be shared between you.

    In addition, we can provide comprehensive advice on the following areas:

    We can help anyone who finds themselves in conflict concerning any children issues. In situations where there are serious concerns about a child’s immediate safety and welfare, our family law team are able to act very quickly to provide you with protection through court orders.

    Reported cases have shown that children whose parents separate are more likely to suffer from psychological and behavioural issues, usually because they are embroiled in the parental conflict and become confused and distressed with the situation.

    Parents can help to minimise the impact their separation has on the children involved by reaching amicable arrangements quickly and preferably without recourse to the Courts.

  • Divorce & Separation

    Going through a divorce or any kind of family separation can be a difficult and traumatic time for an individual and the family.

    Blackhams divorce and separation solicitors are highly knowledgeable and are at hand to advise you at every step.

    Going through a divorce or any kind of family separation can be a difficult and traumatic time for an individual and the family.

    Family law involves critical decisions, following any relationship breakdown, on a great number of matters including, your children, your financial affairs and your future.

    We can give you practical advice and clear guidance in an approachable and calm manner.

    Blackhams promote, where possible, an ongoing line of communication with your partner so that you can enter into your own discussions to structure your own financial settlements and agree on arrangements about your children with minimum court intervention and with a view to reducing your costs.

    Where appropriate, we will invite you to consider family mediation, collaborative law and family arbitration as an alternative to court. Where court proceedings are unavoidable, we will represent your interests to the fullest extent.

    We will guide you through the court process and will work with you to obtain the best and most cost-effective resolution possible.

  • Domestic Violence

    If you are in a relationship where you have been the victim of domestic violence, we can help you to protect yourself and your children from danger so that you can rebuild your lives in a safe and secure environment.

    Domestic violence is a very difficult and emotionally distressing area of law that deals with protective measures arising from physical, mental and emotional abuse as well as harassment. It may also be a relevant factor when considering contact and shared arrangements between the children and the ‘absent’ parent.

    At Blackhams, we encourage anyone who is the victim of domestic abuse to not suffer in silence. We understand and appreciate that leaving an abusive partner is a difficult step to take, particularly if you have children together or you do not have access to any finances to be able to move out independently.

    We are sensitive to this difficult situation and will support you throughout the entire process and provide you with assistance at every stage.

    Our family law team appreciate the importance of dealing with domestic violence issues as swiftly as possible and will ensure you receive a speedy resolution especially if you require the immediate protection of the court.

    As with all the services we provide, anything you disclose to us will remain confidential – you can talk to us openly and honestly about any concerns you might have and without feeling the need to hold back any information.

    We are not here to judge you or your partner. We are simply here to help you to break free from an unjust situation. We will happily meet you in our offices which are easily accessible, discreet and secure, or at any other venue where you feel safe and comfortable.

  • Financial Issues

    The breakdown of any relationship can be a particularly emotional and stressful time. There will be many issues to resolve and we can offer practical advice and clear guidance to ensure that you are protecting your finances, property and assets.

    Blackhams offer expert legal advice tailored to suit each individual’s needs to relieve any anxieties or doubts you may have.

    If you are contemplating a separation or have separated from your partner, it is important that you take legal advice at the earliest possible opportunity. It is preferable that you take legal advice prior to leaving the matrimonial home or agreeing to any division of the matrimonial assets.

    During the course of the financial process, it will be necessary for the parties to provide full and open disclosure about their finances.

    However, if you feel that your partner is being less than honest about their financial position and assets, our family law team can provide you with comprehensive advice as to whether an injunction to freeze assets is an appropriate course of action.

    We have the expertise to deal with complex situations upon separation and will help you in a constructive and conciliatory way to achieving a quick outcome and peace of mind.

    We are also able to advise you on the following areas

    Assets abroad

    Business interests and assets

    Child maintenance


    Freezing injunctions

    Investment properties



    Spousal maintenance

  • Prenuptial Agreements

    Prenuptial agreements are becoming increasingly common as a means of protecting a family’s assets in the current financial climate.

    Pre and Post Nuptial Agreements

    The family structure has changed over the years and families are becoming far more diverse, making it even more desirable to structure financial commitments before marriage.

    If a prenuptial agreement is prepared properly, both parties will have given full disclosure and received legal advice in which case it would be binding and upheld by the courts.

    It does, however, need to be reviewed from time to time to ensure it is effective and appropriate. It can be amended during the course of the marriage, by agreement.

    For those families that wish to protect their wealth, prenuptial agreements and trusts are the way forward, particularly where couples are entering into their second or third marriages and wish for their property to pass to their children from previous relationships.

    Prenuptials can also serve as a means of protecting the wider and extended family, where family businesses share ownership.

    The same protection applies when a property is being passed down a generation following divorce.

    The prenuptial agreement can record those assets that are wholly external to the marriage so that they are treated differently by the courts.

    If the parties do not enter into a prenuptial agreement, they can after the marriage, enter into a post-nuptial agreement. The same principles apply in that there has to be full and frank disclosure with both parties having had the benefit of appropriate legal advice.

Family Law Team

Taswar Hayat
Partner, Head of Family Department

Taswar Hayat

Molly Doyle

Molly Doyle

Partner, Head of Family Department

Taswar Hayat

Taswar Hayat has almost a decade of experience working exclusively in private Family Law. As head of the Family department Taswar advises and represents clients on all aspects of Family Law, including Divorce, Financial Remedies, Injunctive Proceedings and private Children’s Matters.

He has worked on both low and high net cases that include complex issues, non- disclosure, enforcements applications and cases with international elements, and matters involving multiple trusts and various company structures.

Taswar also has a wealth of experience in dealing with private children matters, ranging from Section 8 Children Act applications, to cases concerning child abduction and jurisdiction disputes. He prides himself on his attention to detail, being compassionate and client centric, always willing to go the extra mile.

He is also an active Resolution member.

Outside of the office, Taswar is an avid chess player and has a keen interest in keeping fit and participating in high endurance sports.


Molly Doyle

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