Divorce and Children

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Following a break-up, issues relating to children can become difficult and the source of disagreement.

Divorce and Children

Following a break-up, issues relating to children can become difficult and the source of disagreement. In cases involving children, parents and other family members are encouraged to regard the welfare of the children as the first and paramount consideration.

We aim to keep the needs of children at the forefront of our client’s mind when advising in this sensitive area. It is our view, that you are the best judge of your children’s best interests, but we appreciate that the arrangements for children can become somewhat difficult to resolve on separation.

Our family law team will help you to avoid parental conflicts that evolve on separation and advise you about mediation as an alternative to the court process. We can assist and advise you about practical, legal and financial arrangements for the children, and how their time can be shared between you.

In addition, we can provide comprehensive advice on the following areas:

We can help anyone who finds themselves in conflict concerning any children issues. In situations where there are serious concerns about a child’s immediate safety and welfare, our family law team are able to act very quickly to provide you with protection through court orders.

Reported cases have shown that children whose parents separate are more likely to suffer from psychological and behavioural issues, usually because they are embroiled in the parental conflict and become confused and distressed with the situation.

Parents can help to minimise the impact their separation has on the children involved by reaching amicable arrangements quickly and preferably without recourse to the Courts.

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