If you are in a relationship where you have been the victim of domestic violence, we can help you to protect yourself and your children from danger so that you can rebuild your lives in a safe and secure environment.

domestic violence

Domestic violence is a very difficult and emotionally distressing area of law that deals with protective measures arising from physical, mental and emotional abuse as well as harassment. It may also be a relevant factor when considering contact and shared arrangements between the children and the ‘absent’ parent.

At Blackhams, we encourage anyone who is the victim of domestic abuse to not suffer in silence. We understand and appreciate that leaving an abusive partner is a difficult step to take, particularly if you have children together or you do not have access to any finances to be able to move out independently. We are sensitive to this difficult situation and will support you throughout the entire process and provide you with assistance at every stage.

Our family law team appreciate the importance of dealing with domestic violence issues as swiftly as possible and will ensure you receive a speedy resolution especially if you require the immediate protection of the court.
As with all the services we provide, anything you disclose to us will remain confidential – you can talk to us openly and honestly about any concerns you might have and without feeling the need to hold back any information. We are not here to judge you or your partner. We are simply here to help you to break free from an unjust situation. We will happily meet you in our offices which are easily accessible, discreet and secure, or at any other venue where you feel safe and comfortable.

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