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Blackhams Solicitors: The Past

The story of Blackhams began in 1888, when Charles Heber Cuthbertson made the decision to enter into a partnership with Isaac Bradley.  Isaac, at the time, was practising as a solicitor but like Charles, he had always wanted to establish his own law firm. Together they founded their own law company based in Birmingham, practising as solicitors under the name of Bradley and Cuthbertson.Charles Cuthbertson & Isaac Bradley

Isaac and Charles were both considered as men of importance in Birmingham.  Isaac acted as Coroner, a councillor in Birmingham and Joseph Chamberlain’s election agent from 1885 to 1897. With this reputation behind them, their law company began to flourish and the partners quickly had a portfolio of clients.  Years later, Bradley and Cuthbertson had become an established law firm in Birmingham and one that was highly regarded among others in the industry.

After the founders took a step back from the firm and entered into retirement age, the management of the law practice was subsequently passed onto Douglas Cuthbertson, the son of Charles Heber Cuthbertson.  Douglas took control over the practice after returning home from his time serving in the Army during WWI, he later also acted as deputy coroner from 1919 to 1969.  Douglas was later succeeded by his son Peter, an RAF soldier who served in WWII.

Blackhams Solicitors: The Present

Now, Timothy Cuthbertson, Peter’s son and the fourth generation in the family to run the law practice, is the Senior Partner in the firm, which is as reputable and highly regarded as it ever has been.

In 2003 Timothy was given an opportunity to engage in a merger which sought to be beneficial for the company and its future. He therefore accepted the terms of the merger and the name of the company changed from Bradley and Cuthbertson, to Blackhams, the company we know today.

The firm has strong roots in Birmingham and has practised at various addresses in Colmore Row and Newhall Street, now in offices in Lancaster House no more than a few hundred yards from where it all started more than 150 years ago.  The firm’s commitment to Birmingham, the community, and its local reputation remains as strong today as ever.

We provide more services now than we have done before, including family law related services, such as divorces, residential and commercial property law services and even will, probate and trusts services. As a result of this we are better able to serve and help our clients who might be going through a difficult time in their life.  Over the years we have refined and revised our legal processes to adapt to our client’s needs so that we now provide a tailored service that is personal to each individual/business and each case.  Furthermore, we are fully equipped to deal with all sized cases, there is no legal matter too big and we serve businesses, as well as individuals.

Blackhams Solicitors: The Future

For Blackhams the future looks prosperous, we are looking to expand upon our team by taking on more legal professionals and potentially continuing to add to the services we can provide. In addition, we continue to update our knowledge and expertise, especially in areas such as tax law where changes are regularly made to the laws in place, enabling us to continue providing exceptional service and giving quality advice.  Our portfolio of clients remains ever-growing as we continue to find ways to enhance on our customer services, always striving to improve on our already very high customer satisfaction rates.

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