Can I Stop Them Taking the Children Abroad?

Many separated parents find difficulty when it comes to the children going abroad with the other parent. So, what does the Law say regarding taking children on holiday?

There are some important things to consider before objecting. Is there a genuine concern for their safety? Holidays with parents can be beneficial for children and the Court recommend that children spend time with both parents unless there is a risk to their well-being.

It is important to determine who has parental responsibility for the children. Parental responsibility is the legal rights, responsibilities, and authority a parent has for a child.

Whether or not both parents have parental responsibility can determine whether or not the father can take the children abroad. Separated parents can apply for a Child Arrangements Order which will state who the children will reside with and when they can have contact with the other parent. A Prohibited Steps Order can stop a parent with parental responsibility from taking the children abroad if you, as the mother or father, do not consent to the trip.

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