Distinction for Haroon Qayum in STEP Cross-Border Estates qualification

Haroon Qayum – Departmental Head of Wills and Probate at Blackhams has recently been awarded the STEP (Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners) Advanced Certificate in Cross-Border Estates, passing with Distinction.

The STEP Advanced Certificate in Cross-Border Estates is a specialist qualification that offers a detailed insight into the different issues that arise when dealing with cross-border estate planning and succession worldwide and addresses civil-, common- and Shari’a-law systems and case studies from a diverse range of jurisdictions, making it relevant to an international audience. By gaining the Advanced Certification, Haroon is able to: –

  • Understand the factors that need to be considered when resolving issues of conflict of foreign laws
  • Appreciate the fundamental differences between common law, civil law and Sharia law systems, and their respective approaches to succession rights, joint assets, matrimonial property, wills and intestacy
  • Be able to advise on the concepts of habitual residence, domicile and nationality, and their application to different scenarios
  • Advise on the concept of renvoi and its application
  • Advise how particular assets in an estate will devolve under different systems taking into account how property is held, issues of intestacy and the application of any relevant conventions/Reg 650/2012
  • Provide guidance on how marriage and registered partnerships, adoption and surrogacy can affect succession
  • Have familiarity with a range of succession systems and the interaction between those jurisdictions bound by Regulation 650/2012 and those that are not
  • Describe the effect of any applicable tax treaties on any investments held by the deceased
  • Know how to administer a cross-border estate in practice

Haroon is one of only 65 professionals worldwide certified by STEP to advise on Cross-Border Estates. STEP is the global professional association for practitioners who specialise in family inheritance and succession planning.

Tracey Allsopp, Business Development Manager at Blackhams, said: “We are very proud of Haroon’s achievement in gaining this additional qualification to compliment his STEP certificate which provides the benchmark in this area of specialist legal advice. This confirms the firm’s commitment to providing the highest quality advice and legal services to our older and vulnerable clients.