Escape Domestic Abuse

Have you been trapped in an abusive relationship and need help getting out? For advice regarding a Non-Molestation Order, please contact our Family team. The initial 1-hour consultation is free of charge. We will then charge £750 (Subject to an initial assessment) for obtaining the Non-Molestation Order, which will include us drafting the initial application through to attending your first telephone hearing.

What is a Non-Molestation Order?

  • A non-molestation order is an order prohibiting an abuser from doing anything prohibited by the order, for example threatening or inflicting violence.
  • Molest means pester and can include violence or a pattern of coercive behaviour psychological or physical. This can be done in person, via text message/phone calls and on Social Media, including images, videos, revenge porn.
  • This can be a zonal order, whereby the abuser cannot come within 100m of your home.
  • A non-molestation order is usually made for 12 months.


Who can Apply?

  • Spouses/Cohabitants, including same sex couples, or anyone who has lived in the same household as you. E.g., Former boyfriends or a fiancé.



  • In order to apply for a Non-Molestation Order, we would help you prepare the Application and Statement. For this we would need dates of incidents occurred including any evidence you may have. For example, Police Incident Numbers, text messages, images of abuse.
  • We will then file this for you, which can be done on an emergency basis without notice to the abuser.
  • The Courts will then assess everything provided either by a Paper Hearing, where no parties need to attend, or a Remote Hearing, where we would represent you.
  • The Court Order when made will be personally served by a Process Server on the abuser with the documents, which then is binding upon him/her.
  • A Power of Arrest is included so if it is breached it is a Criminal offence and can be punished by imprisonment up to 5 years.


Please contact our Family Solicitor, James Rogers on 0121 233 6904/07517110039 or by email at; or our Family Paralegal, Harkeert Kaur Samra on 0121 233 6916 or by email at for any further advice.