How can I Protect my Children’s Inheritance if I Remarry?

More and more of us are in relationships these days where our spouse or partner have children from previous relationships.


It is possible that should you pass away, your spouse may re marry, often to partners with their own children. Wishes of the partners in these families is often not the same and assets are often brought into the new relationship, even if you may want these to go to your children rather than the children of your new partner.


It is also important to recognise should the second marriage break down or you die prematurely, your own children may not inherit what is rightfully theirs.


By having the correct type of will in place, you can ensure that at least your share of the assets is protected for your future generations.


Relationships are complicated, and it is advisable to take professional advice when making a Will. At Blackhams we can help to put a Will in place that does the right thing by your loved ones.


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