My Ex-Partner has Stopped Contact during the Pandemic, What Can I Do?

Has your child contact been stopped by your ex-partner?

Do you feel the Government guidance on contact orders is unclear?

Did you know that all Child Arrangement Court Orders are enforceable?

It is emphasised that there is an expectation that parents will care for children by acting carefully, sensibly, and safely when making decisions regarding the arrangements for their child and deciding where and with whom their child spends time.

However, it is not always the case that matters can be agreed and when there is no agreement or there is no opportunity to temporarily vary there will be contact disputes. In a scenario where there are disputes, parties should attempt mediation. If mediation is unsuccessful the Courts involvement will be inevitable.

The application must be made on Form C79 and served on the responding party at least 14 days before the hearing or directions appointment. Ideally, it would be dealt with by the same judge and should be listed within 21 working days of issue.

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Covid-19 Government guidance provides parents with many rights to ensure contact is not suspended, ceased, or varied unfairly.

The full guidance is available and can be found at