Wedding Venues Post Covid-19

You may have read in the recent press that the Law Commission is going to recommend modernisation of the law relating to weddings, which is approaching its 200th anniversary, originally made in 1836! Let us hope the Law Commission do not rush into things!

The reason for the review is to consider allowing more flexibility as to where a wedding could take place. For example, in the future this could be outside on your favourite beach, or in private gardens, or perhaps a cruise ship. The latter does not seem too appealing post COVID.

Bearing in mind the Commission is going to close consultation on 31st December 2020, an outdoors ceremony perhaps in the early part of the New Year during the winter months in England and Wales again may not be too appealing.

However, there should be plenty of time to plan ahead and with this in mind consider, what is now being termed relationship planning ,the not so romantic but sensible precaution of entering into a pre-nuptial agreement to protect not only the assets of yourself and your spouse to be, but also any future assets you may acquire, whether that is the lottery or inheritance, redundancy or pension, or you might be successful on” Who wants to be a Millionaire.”

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