Wills and Probate

Our Vision, Our Mission

Blackhams Solicitors has a long tradition of advising clients on their personal tax and financial affairs.

You may save your loved ones a good deal of trouble by planning in advance.

It does not cost a fortune to talk things through – come and discuss making a will today.

At Blackhams we recognise the importance of planning for your future and that of your family and loved ones. We encourage our clients to put a will in place as early as possible to ensure that your estate passes to those whom you wish to benefit.

And it is important to review it periodically; things change, grandchildren appear, divorces happen and early deaths of beneficiaries may all lead to unintended consequences if not picked up.

Making a Will may also be the first step in structuring your affairs in order to manage your liability for Inheritance Tax and thus maximise the amount of your estate that is passed to your family and loved ones.

Our comprehensive range of services include:

  • Making or updating Wills
    • Making a Will creates certainty, reduces worry and gives you the peace of mind of stating exactly how your money, property and possessions will be dealt with after your death. You can also appoint guardians of any under-age children. We provide advice tailored to your specific requirements as no two wills are the same. Our experience stretches across all circumstances and we will help you protect your possessions and provide clear advice tailored to your requirements. We store wills, safe and secure, easy to find when necessary. Once it has been signed we will send you a copy of the will for your own records. We will write to you periodically to remind you to review your will to make sure it remains appropriate.
  • Probate and Administration of Estates
    • When you die somebody has to deal with your estate – the money, property and possessions you had at the time of your death. The process involves collecting any money that is owed, settling any debts due (including taxes) and dividing the estate amongst the beneficiaries. If there is a valid will the estate will pass to the people named in the will. If there is no will certain rules, laid down by Parliament, known as the Rules of Intestacy, will apply. Our efficient and experienced team administers clients’ estates with sympathy and efficiency and has built a strong reputation based on trust and respect of many generations of clients.
  • Trusts
    • Trusts may be used to ensure assets are passed on to certain family members, possibly as part of inheritance tax planning. They may also be appropriate for the protection of vulnerable beneficiaries. Our solicitors can advise as to whether a trust is appropriate and deal with the administration of trusts, whether created during your lifetime of by your will.
  • Estate and Inheritance Tax Planning
  • Making a Lasting Power of Attorney, appointing someone to look after your financial affairs or health and welfare matters in the event of later incapacity.
  • Deeds of Variation within two years of Death
  • Advice on challenging a Will if you feel you have grounds to challenge a Will
  • Court of Protection work, dealing with the affairs of those who lack capacity and (usually) have not appointed attorneys.

Why choose Blackhams?

  • A law firm with over 100 years’ experience. Throughout this time, we have prepared countless wills and have helped a large number of individuals and families with dealing with administration of estates.
  • Our experienced team administers the estates of the deceased with sympathy and efficiency. You will be given full guidance about the procedure that will be followed in carrying it through and be updated throughout the process.
  • All of our services, including our wills, trusts and probate services, are tailored and personalised to you and your situation. We take the time to understand what it is you need from us and the outcome you desire and we strive to make this possible. We appreciate that no two people or legal problems are the same, which is why we don’t treat them as if they are!
  • The legal advice provided is reliable, courteous and always confidential. Out team make sure they are always able to provide help where required and deal promptly and efficiently with all necessary tasks.

If it is difficult for you to see us at our office, we are happy to meet you in your own home. We are also able to visit you to provide advice if you are in hospital or spending time in a care or nursing home.

Mrs R & Mrs L from Solihull

“The administration team in the Solihull Office were most helpful, assisting with photocopying as necessary and forwarding information and correspondence to Birmingham.  Cherie was extremely professional, knowledgeable, punctual and a great support to our family, keeping us informed of progress throughout.  Excellent service by Cherie and the team.”

Mr S from Birmingham

“The service provided throughout was professional & efficient. Advise given was excellent & evidence clear - would definitely use again and recommend to friends and family.”

Mrs W from Warwick

I would like to thank Cherie for all her hard work on our estate’s behalf.  I have felt confident that we were in safe hands with her at the helm throughout this lengthy process and I am most grateful for all you have done